The Houthi government issues a new directive regarding “special electric generators” after weeks of “rejection”


Today, Tuesday, the unrecognized Houthi rebel government issued a new directive regarding “private electric generators”, weeks after their rejection of a circular claiming to abolish subscription fees for citizens.

The Ministry of Electricity and Energy of the unrecognized militia government announced, in a communiqué seen by “The Yemeni Scene”, the opening of competition for investment in the electricity sector in the geographical ranges of owners of private generators who are not committed to the decisions and regulations issued by the ministry.

The ministry called on those wishing to own generators to invest in the energy field, to submit their applications to the General Administration of Investment in the ministry.

Earlier, the owners of commercial stations – most of whom are Houthi investors – refused to cancel the subscription of commercial electricity, describing the decision as “ink on paper”; According to informed sources.

The sources confirmed that these influential investors established a union for investors in the commercial electricity sector, which also refused to cancel the monthly subscription fees or reduce the prices of the kilo.

The majority of citizens in Sana’a and a number of governorates depend on solar energy and private electricity, since the Houthi coup seven years ago, and the destruction of most of the power plants and the deterioration of the network.

Recently, the Houthi militia authorities have rented government power stations in Sana’a from investors close to them, at four prices for consumers.

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