The Houthi militia announces a new initiative regarding the Abdiya district in Marib


The Houthi militia admitted imposing a suffocating siege on the Abdiya district, Marib Governorate, announcing a new initiative regarding it.

The leader of the militia, Hussein Al-Ezzi, said that “safe corridors and outlets were secured for our honorable people in Al-Abdiyyah, and we also offered the present fighters peace, brotherhood or a safe exit, with reservations only on the dangerous elements known to belong to Al-Qaeda,” as he put it.

Al-Ezzi explained that the condition of his militias is to hand over the fighters from the sons of Abdiya, on the pretext that they belong to al-Qaeda, according to his claim, adding: “We are keen to rehabilitate them and protect society from their evil, and all this human lamentation is only for the sake of these evil elements.”

Al-Abdiya district, Marib governorate, has witnessed, for about 3 weeks, a suffocating siege by the Houthi militia, while preventing the entry of medicines and foodstuffs to it, or allowing the exit of patients, the elderly, women and children.

A few days ago, the militias offered to allow foodstuffs to enter the Abdiya district, in exchange for exhuming the bodies of their fighters.

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