The Houthi militia announces the defection of 800 fighters from Marib and their joining the militias


Today, Thursday, the Houthi coup militia announced the defection of 800 fighters from the Marib governorate who were fighting in the ranks of the government forces and joining the militias.

Hussein Al-Ezzi, who holds the position of Deputy Foreign Minister in the (unrecognized) Houthi militia government, said, “Eight hundred fighters from the sons of the great Ma’rib are returning to the bosom of the homeland and correcting the course of the fire and the direction of the guns.”

This refers to the defection of these fighters from the legitimate government and their joining the fight with the Houthi militia, as he claimed.

So far, there has been no comment from the legitimate government or the local authority in Ma’rib Governorate regarding the Houthi militia’s allegations.

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