The Houthi militia is trying to control an important front in Marib… and a decisive intervention by the coalition


The forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance repelled Houthi attempts to infiltrate the Dhanna front, south of Marib.

Today, Saturday, field sources said that the army and resistance forces repelled violent attacks by the militias, and attempts to infiltrate through the Jabal al-Sahel region, in an attempt to reach the Dhanna front.

The sources indicated that the militias tried to infiltrate through the asphalt line, and reached the Al-Tabbab Al-Soud area in the Juba front, during the past hours.

On the Maarif front, the army and resistance forces thwarted continuous Houthi attacks, in an attempt to achieve new progress in the south of the province, during the past hours.

The sources confirmed the participation of the Arab coalition, through its fighters, in repelling these attacks and inflicting heavy losses on the Houthi militia in lives and equipment.

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