The Houthi militia is trying to penetrate the army’s defenses on 4 fronts in Marib..and sources reveal the latest developments


The National Army forces thwarted the Houthi militia’s attacks on the fronts south of Marib, violent battles during the past hours.

Field sources said that continuous battles took place on the southern fronts of the city of Marib, from yesterday afternoon until Friday morning.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi militia tried to make a breakthrough towards the city of Marib on the fronts of Dhanna, Umm Reesh, al-Ayrf area, and the Mala’a front in the Harib district, without achieving any progress.

The sources indicated that the artillery of the army and the fighters of the Arab coalition destroyed the Houthi militia gatherings and reinforcements, which resulted in the destruction of a military vehicle and three Houthi crews.

This coincides with heavy Houthi losses due to the militias’ continuous attempt to infiltrate the city of Marib, for the tenth month in a row.

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