The Houthi militia reinforces the Marib front with “new blood” after heavy losses and the disclosure of its identity


The Houthi militia has sent new reinforcements to the fronts of Marib Governorate, after the painful strikes it was subjected to, resulting in hundreds of dead, prisoners and wounded during the past days.

Media sources said that the Houthi militia had brought in more than 35 militants from the marginalized category, who are called “Bilal’s descendants”, from Dhamar Governorate to the Marib fronts.

The sources pointed out that most of the fighters who were brought in by the militias were children, the majority of whom did not exceed 17 years old, whom the militias consider “new blood” that will fuel the battle with them.

This comes after Dhamar General Hospital received dozens of Houthi wounded, coming from the Marib fronts.

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