The Houthi war correspondent was killed in Marib..and this is what was found in his possession


A war correspondent affiliated with the Houthi militia was killed in Marib, while accompanying militia members on the Harib front, south of the governorate.

The sources said that the Houthi militia’s war journalist, “Mohammed Hadi al-Yamani”, was killed, along with 12 Houthis, in Ramlet al-Rudhah in the Harib district, yesterday, Sunday.

The sources confirmed that the fighters of the National Army found the body of the Houthi reporter and his camera next to the bodies of a number of militia members.

This comes in conjunction with a Houthi attack, described as the most violent, that lasted for about 10 continuous hours and ended with the militias’ defeat and the fall of their militias, one dead or one wounded.

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