The “Houthis” admit that they were subjected to a court luring process on the west coast, the day after the sudden withdrawal of the “joint”.


Today, Sunday, the Houthi rebels accused the joint Yemeni forces of executing 10 of their captured fighters in the Hodeidah governorate; In an official and indirect acknowledgment that they were subjected to a court luring process on the West Coast, three days after those forces announced their withdrawal from their positions and redeployment in areas outside the Stockholm Agreement.

Field sources said that the Tuhami resistance forces managed, today, Sunday, to regain control of large areas in the Al-Tuhayta district, after violent confrontations with the Houthi militia.

The sources pointed out that forces from the Tihamiyah Resistance, backed by forces from the Giants Brigades, took control of sites in the areas of Al-Jabaliya, Al-Fazah, Al-Mateena, and Al-Ghuwaireq, south and west of Al-Tahita.

She stated that the confrontations resulted in the killing and wounding of dozens of Houthi militia members, while a number of members of the Tuhami resistance were killed and wounded.

According to the sources, these confrontations erupted simultaneously with the Arab coalition’s targeting of Houthi rebels’ reinforcements and sites in a number of areas south of Hodeidah.

The joint forces announced that dozens of Houthi militiamen were killed and wounded, yesterday, Saturday, on the outskirts of the Khokha district, and west of Hays.

The joint forces are stationed on the western coast at the points specified in the Stockholm Agreement with regard to the Hodeidah Governorate, after implementing the decision to evacuate the areas governed by the international agreement.

The Houthis, for their part, announced the control of large areas of up to 700 kilometres.

Observers considered that the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces is a new trap to lure the Houthi militia, and an entry point to violating the Stockholm Agreement, which the militia has continued to violate on a daily basis since its signing in late December 2018.

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