The “Houthis” anticipate a decisive final qualifying stage by creating a “new security formation”


The Houthi rebel authorities anticipate the decisive final qualifiers, which will soon storm their ranks, by creating a “new security formation.”

The Ministry of Interior of the unrecognized Houthi militia government has created the so-called “traffic control police, as an armed formation affiliated with the General Traffic Department, and it has deployed it in the Sana’a Municipality’s tours, to regulate traffic and prevent traffic violations by vehicle drivers, motorcycles and traffic men themselves”; According to local sources and eyewitnesses.

The sources expressed that the new Houthi security formation is exercising the role of traffic police, by force of arms, in anticipation of a decisive and final inter-qualification stage, which is expected to hit the Houthis.

The militia had announced that the so-called traffic control unit was working to control car parks, especially in places that are considered sensitive and cause congestion, such as restaurants and malls, and to control line reflectors, as well as arresting violators of traffic police; Which means supervisors of the traffic police.

She pointed out that the traffic control unit is working to adjust the system on tours and oblige drivers to stop correctly on tours according to the lanes, and to prevent motorcycles from trespassing traffic lights.

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