The “Houthis” break the “regional isolation” and send the first message to the “United Nations”


The Houthi rebel authorities took their first steps to try to break the “regional isolation”, by sending their first message to the United Nations, on Sunday.

The message sent by the Presidency of the House of Representatives in Sana’a included a message to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, denouncing the silence regarding the latest developments in Yemen.

The letter accused Saudi Arabia and the UAE of trying to humiliate Lebanon against the backdrop of statements by the Minister of Information in his government, George Kordahi, regarding the war in Yemen.

The letter called for an end to the war and siege, and the opening of ports and airports.

Observers considered that the Houthi rebels’ celebration of Qardahi’s statements and the publication of his picture in the streets of Sanaa is an attempt to break out of the regional isolation that the Houthis surrounded themselves with and a review of their popular ties within the Arab framework after the image of him confined them to the tail of Iran, in addition to their joining the row of scheming and the conflict of axes in the region.

In a television interview that he says was conducted before he took over the media portfolio in the Lebanese government last September, Qardahi said that the Houthis were “defending themselves… in the face of external aggression” from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which caused a diplomatic crisis with the Gulf states.

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