The Houthis break up a protest pose by security officers calling for the release of their colleague accused of rescuing African refugees


The Houthi militia broke up a protest sit-in for security officers in the capital, Sanaa, to demand the release of their colleague accused of rescuing African refugees from the fire that the militias set in a prison in the capital.

Security sources told “The Yemeni Scene” that the Houthis forcibly dispersed the peaceful protests of a number of Interior Ministry officers in Al-Thawra Park, north of Sanaa, near the Ministry of Interior building and the Rescue Forces camp, which are run by Houthi leaders from the Houthi family, who now control the leaders of the Yemeni army and security forces from through their relatives.

She added: “The demonstrators demanded the Houthi militia to release Major Muhammad al-Akkam, who is an officer of the Immigration and Passports Authority, who played a major role in rescuing the rest of the African refugees, most of them from Ethiopia, after the fire broke out in their place of detention in al-Maslah prison, east of the capital, Sana’a.”

The sources confirmed that Major Al-Akkam opened a window in the prison where the Africans were crowded, and rescued a number of them, who were able to reveal to international organizations that the Houthi militia was standing in the fire more than a year ago.

The demonstrators demanded that Major Al-Akkam be rewarded instead of imprisoning him, as he was able to save 240 African refugees from the flames and smoke rising from the prison after he opened a window in the wall of one of the bulldozers close to the scene of the accident after forcibly entering it into the internal fence of the Passport and Immigration Department.

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