The Houthis exploited it to advance on the ground.. the United States of America is exposed to a new embarrassment in Yemen (special translation)


An American newspaper said that the United States was subjected to a new embarrassment in Yemen due to the weakness of President Joe Biden’s administration, which the Houthi rebels exploited to make progress on the ground.

And the Wall Street Journal considered, in an editorial, published yesterday, Friday, and translated by “The Yemeni Scene,” that the United States has been subjected to a new embarrassment in Yemen, amid the concessions made by the administration of President Joe Biden to the Iran-backed Houthi militia, which is working to escalate the war there. .

And she added, “When US President Joe Biden announced stopping support for the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and fighting the Houthi rebels, he said that this war must end, but how?”

She pointed out that “the Houthis, and those who support them in Iran, see that the United States of America is abandoning an ally, and they have taken advantage of the opportunity to achieve their goal of progress in the field, and they also see that the American administration refuses to intercept Iranian weapons supplies.”

And she added, “The first days of the administration of US President Joe Biden taking office, witnessed the decision to remove the Houthi militia from the list of foreign terrorist organizations, and decided to withdraw the military support provided to the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the Yemeni government.”

She asked, “After these American measures, what did the goodwill initiative bring about?”

And she continued, “The White House had hoped that making concessions to the Houthis would encourage them to negotiate an end to this war, but their response was by continuing to advance.”

She pointed out that the Houthi militia launched hundreds of attacks on Saudi territory, where tens of thousands of Americans live, in conjunction with the militia’s deliberate targeting of civilians.

She pointed out that “the response of the administration of US President Joe Biden was to issue strict press statements, while America’s enemies around the world feel the weakness of the White House, and are moving to take advantage of this situation.”

“Recently, Houthi rebels violated the compound that hosted the US embassy in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, and detained Yemeni employees working for the US government,” she explained.

She noted that “the United States of America is deeply concerned about the reports indicating the detention of many Yemeni local employees in Sana’a, and calls for their immediate release.”

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