The Houthis give the people of Al-Makhadar in Ibb governorate three days to bury a dead person


Al-Houthi militia gave the people of Al-Makhadar district in Ibb governorate three days to bury their son, who was killed four months ago in cold blood after they tried to plunder his land in Hobeish Junction in the same governorate.

Local sources told the Yemeni scene that one of the Houthi supervisors, in cooperation with members of the Hubeish Police Department of the Houthis, gave the family of Mohsen Muthanna, who was killed by gangs looting lands in Ibb governorate, only three days to bury his body after he was killed in front of the Hobeish Security Department and looted his belongings and personal weapon. .

The sources confirmed that one of the Houthi leaders from the Al-Juhaym family threatened the victim’s family not to open the issue and the method of killing their son, trying to silence them on several charges, including accusing them of treason and cooperating with the aggression, as they described it.

The land looting gang purchased a plot of land from Mohsen Muthanna and paid plots for the purchase only. Then they sold the land without paying its value to others. They killed Muthanna after he tried to prevent the new buyer who is close to the gang building until he is handed over the value of the land, which is the method used by land looting gangs in Ibb Governorate Through a network of witnesses, forged secretaries, security men and Houthi supervisors cooperating with them.

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