The Houthis lost more than 400 Houthi deaths in five days in Ma’rib Governorate


The Houthi militia lost more than 400 Houthis killed in five days in Ma’rib Governorate, central Yemen, after its relentless attempts to control the governorate.

And sources close to the Houthis told the Yemeni scene today, Tuesday, that the Houthi militia lost 420 members and leaders of it in the Marib Governorate during the past five days.

The sources added that the Houthis have added the names of their dead in what they call their “Martyrs Foundation”, which collapsed due to the increasing number of Houthi dead and its inability to pay the salaries of their dead more than a year ago after it was reduced in three stages gradually from a salary to half a salary and then a quarter of a salary Then stop permanently.

The sources confirmed that the Houthis also reduced the costs of burial, down to one hundred thousand riyals, to be paid to the family of each Houthi dead, in clear disregard for the lives of the deceived tribesmen.

The sources clarified that the Houthis separated the names of the dead from the Salilis and some of the people of Saada Governorate in lists as they are, and paid their salaries monthly.

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