The Houthis were defeated and hundreds of people were killed in the aftermath of fierce battles around the city of Marib


Today, Wednesday, a Yemeni diplomat confirmed the defeat of the Houthi rebels, in the wake of fierce battles fought by the heroes of the Yemeni army backed by tribes and the fighters of the Arab coalition that support legitimacy, around the city of Marib.

Yemen’s permanent representative to UNESCO, Dr. Muhammad Jumaih, said in a tweet on his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, which was monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that “Al-Houthi took advantage of his recent advance for mobilization, but his recent battles south and northwest of Ma’rib were a disaster for him, and the euphoria of progress The latter was broken during the battles of the past days, with hundreds of deaths.”

He added: It is true that Al-Houthi has recently advanced in Marib, but what some do not know is that the militia is advancing towards the fronts that were hell on it.

Today, Wednesday, the heroes of the Yemeni army fought fierce battles against the Houthi rebels on the Harib and Juba fronts, south of the city of Marib, where militia fighters allied with Iran doubled their desperate attacks during the past hours, with the arrival of military reinforcements to the fronts of the oil-rich city.

The Armed Forces Media Center said that the heroes of the army and tribesmen launched a counterattack, during which they regained a number of sites, and broke several Houthi attacks in Harib and Juba, and forced them to retreat after incurring great human and material losses.

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