The identity of the minister between the broadcaster and the politician


There is a big difference between being a successful broadcaster, or an evening presenter or interactive programs, free to mix joking with the serious and the truthful with the false, and being a politician bearing the direction of a state through a government, you should respect the directions of your country’s government, and do not mix the personal with the public, that is personal disorientation. .
Many of those who came from a professional background to a ministerial portfolio failed in their ministerial performance, and many of them even caused problems for their countries due to wrong readings and unilateral interpretations with a blind eye, or the flattening of an idea or a crisis.
Perhaps the statements issued by the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, came from a false background, false information, and even a flattening of the reality of the crisis, ignoring its causes and its continuation, which reflects a preconceived hostile intent and an unacceptable position on the part of a person in the position of Information Minister, who is considered an official spokesperson for Government.
Minister Qardahi said that “the Houthis are defending themselves and not attacking anyone.” So, the question remains, who is firing the missiles at Abha airport and its vicinity? But who fired the missiles at Mecca?! How do the Houthis defend themselves?! They are a minority that owns a country that excludes all Yemenis.
Qardahi’s statements are wrong and even unfair to analyze the crisis, and even put the Lebanese government in a crisis because he is the Minister of Information in it. It is true that the Lebanese government repudiated his statements, and considered them a person who did not express the position of the Lebanese government, but the minister remains to apologize for the mistake and correct the situation, ignoring the Yemeni crisis and ignoring the terrorism of the Houthi militia, and ignoring the Iranian ballistic missiles fired by the Houthi militia, which is considered a professional (media) disaster. The fact that the minister has media competence should be professional, impartial and transparent, which Minister Qardahi ignored.
Complimenting Iran, the “Hezbollah” militia and the owners of the so-called “Persian Gulf” at the expense of the Arab Gulf The natural extension of Lebanon is another disaster expressed by Qardahi’s statements, in which diplomacy was not taken into account before professionalism, as the minister was absent from his professional “media” and “political” diplomatic statements, which confirms His loss of pre-professional political experience in dealing with his new position, which did not make him get rid of the announcer’s microphone complex or the media activator in the evening programs.
What happened confirms a state of disillusionment between the personality of the announcer for many years and the personality of the politician for a few days. Words were lost and wisdom was lost in putting Lebanon’s interest first over any partisan or factional interest that is harmful to Lebanon and the Lebanese people and their interests in favor of a group or group that has an external connection before it has an internal interest.
Gulf relations with Lebanon were and still are based on Arab constants, in which the interests of Lebanon are taken into account and the non-interference in its internal affairs and leaving Lebanon to the Lebanese. The Taif Agreement, which stopped the war and enabled Lebanon’s sects to share power, which has continued to this day, and which made Qardahi a minister, was under the auspices of the Gulf.
Insulting those who made peace and stopped the civil war in Lebanon is a beautiful denial. The civil war, which was fueled by Iran, Israel and others with peace and money, was stopped by the Taif Agreement, and the Iranian Wali al-Faqih did not stop it.
The Yemeni crisis, which is the subject of Minister Qardahi’s statements, the minister’s reading of it was wrong, rather he flattened the crisis from its foundation. The minister is neither a political expert nor a well-known political analyst. It cannot be flattened in this way and jump on the facts, as this would be in the category of misinformation and media deception.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was and still is a factor of stability in the region. Saudi Arabia is the one who made peace in Lebanon, and it was the one who participated in the unification of Yemen after it was Yemeni, and it was the one who found a great leadership and ministerial size in all the meetings of the stability of Libya, and therefore it is fair that this is not ignored The pivotal role, and the flattening of the Yemeni crisis, and forgetting that Saudi Arabia has the right to defend and protect its citizens from Iran’s ballistic and drone missiles fired by the Houthi militia on civilians and civilian airports, which Qardahi ignored in his statements.

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