The ignorant of the dynasties and the interruptor of prayer is better than the scholar and the worshiper than others!


Some good people think that the dynasty is the right of the hill – as they put it – they are the only problem, and the rest are birds!

O good one, everyone is mostly crows, they have poisoned our past and unfortunately our present and future!

Yesterday, I quoted the words of Al-Ahdal in his book Al-Kawakib Al-Duriya, an explanation of the complementary Al-Ajurumiyyah, in which he says that prayer on the family – meaning the descendants – even if they are an immoral person, it is worthy of them!

Some of them thought that this is far, and it is a lapse, and some of them said that those who think this are the descendants of Sana’a and Dhamar only!

And here I say to them, unfortunately, this is the thinking of most of them, and I have read a speech by the scholar Al-Bayhani, may God have mercy on him, who expressed his annoyance at this behavior and dynastic thought!

In his book “Reforming the Society” p. 68, he was disturbed by some of his Hashemite colleagues and friends who believed that their ignorant people were better than the most highly educated people!

Rather, they declared to him that the prayer interruptor from the Hashemite dynasty is better than the prayer scholars than the rest of the people!

Allama Al-Bayhani is from Shabwa, lived in Aden, and died in Taiz in 1972, fleeing from the Socialist Party.

Despite his knowledge, virtue, dissemination of knowledge, establishment of Islamic institutes, and everyone’s testimony to his progress, his colleagues and friends from the dynasty were of the opinion that the ignorant and the prayer sector were better than him!!


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