The inconvenient truth: the Houthis targeted the house of “Al-Arada” in Marib.. 40 heroes of his family were killed!!


In 2019, the Houthis targeted the house of Major General Sultan al-Arada. Today, two years later, al-Houthi is still practicing his downfall by targeting homes, and Major General Sultan is still the head of a spear in the face of the Houthi project.


Yes, they targeted the house of Major General Sultan Al-Arada, Governor of Marib Governorate, which is located in a residential neighborhood in Marib.. Perhaps the news was disturbing to the free people of Yemen who saw the targeting of his house by the coup project as a threat to the state project, of which Major General Sultan Al-Arada is one of its pillars; Especially when he is at the head of the authority of the governorate, it has become the Qibla of the free, the home of the homeless and the oppressed, and the starting point for liberation.

Who knows this man closely, and who knows his sacrifices; He will realize that Major General Al-Arada, who entered the fray from the first moment of the coup, may not mean anything to him because of this stupidity in view of the huge sacrifices.

And what does it mean to destroy the walls of a house in return for the size of those sacrifices, as Major General Al-Arada from his family offered in the battle to restore the state, more than 40 martyrs, among whom was the pleasure of his liver, the hero martyr Abdul Wahab bin Sultan..

How painful it is that sorting that makes Sheikh Arada an individual within a particular party or tribe, and it is further than that..

This man can never be reduced to any entity other than the homeland, and it is unfair to stick him in a needle hole, or restrict his movement or burden others based on that sorting, which is the result of arguments or settling accounts; This man will be wronged in front of all the sacrifices he is making towards this country and not serving a faction, party or tribe.

Since I came to Marib, I have been keen to know Sheikh Sultan Al-Arada about what I hear about him and read about his positions, and I had two opportunities: an opportunity within a six-hour visit accompanied by a press delegation to an external channel, and the other was for the purpose of conducting a television interview.

The first visit was to his workplace and then he moved with the press delegation to his house, where I found his office like a beehive. As for his council, it was crowded with citizens of different sects who went to his house, where he handles issues wisely, and is accepted by people without pretension; For this he deserved the appreciation of others in their various orientations.

The Yemenis are at the same distance in front of him as long as they adhere to order and law, and freedom is guaranteed to all; As a right that cannot be compromised, media professionals, journalists and politicians write, tweet, and move freely.

Through my modest experience in television work, I have interviewed a number of politicians, intellectuals, and journalists, each of whom has distinction in his field and a share in his specialization; But when I interviewed Major General Sultan, I found a man familiar with various issues, familiar with many experiences, and looking forward to success.. You feel when you talk to him that you are in front of a full-fledged commander, who possesses unique political acumen, and a superior ability to deal with various thorny issues.. You find him familiar with the system and the law. And absorbing many of the experiences of Arab and international governments, and enthusiastic about presenting the best models.

By discussing those who accompanied him and following his positions since the start of the battle to restore the state and legitimacy and the decision to challenge the flood, I found him brave, courageous, strong in the truth, present in every event, and following all developments.

The man has pure national ambitions that he seeks to achieve. So that all Yemenis can enjoy it, and he has future plans for the Ma’rib Governorate that deserve all the fulfillment, and he faces many challenges and thorny files, and political, development, economic and social issues, which drain his effort and exhaust his thought yearning to present a unique model in management and leadership..

In my opinion, Major General Sultan Al-Arada does not need poems, or chants, or even these articles that I write and one of them, and I feel the noise of readers who will see in them for sustenance or hypocrisy or anything of that..but I do not care what is said as much as I satisfy my conscience and patriotism.

The important thing..This is not our subject as much as I am interested in saying: Today, the man needs support, cooperation, and standing by his side in completing the process of building and advancing the governorate, and confronting all abusers and hired men of any color or any party. Law and order are above all..

The clear truth, which I hope will be the summary of my reading of the scene, is that the success of Major General Sultan Al-Arada is not for him, nor for his tribe, or for his governorate; But it is a success for the presidency, the government, the legitimacy and the Arab alliance, and its distinction represents a glimmer of hope for all the sacrifices made by Yemenis in various fields.

I send a sincere greeting to you, you, the authentic Shebaan, the brave patriot, and I pray for you success as you stand tall like a mountain in the face of all these hurricanes..

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