The intensification of the conflict between Muhammad al-Houthi and Ahmed Hamed appears in the streets of Sanaa


The deliberate exaggeration of Abdo Al-Houthi’s symbolism by intensifying the propaganda around his theatrical personality and flooding the streets, buildings, walls, institutions, mosques and schools with his pictures, his snarls and his snails, and creating a propaganda aura about him and marketing him as a supernatural and knowledgeable leader.

The goal is to raise this trivial thing above the level of society, the country, the state, reason, logic, politics, humanity and the dignity of people, and above human nature.. Many Houthi supervisors and leaders battling for influence and wealth understand the extent of the impact of this propaganda and how it tempts his psychological idiocy, saturates the dullness of his low-intelligence personality, and tickles his sense of leadership. savvy and important.

They allocate large sums of money and race to raise the largest advertising panels and banners and exaggerate its sanctification as a guarantee that gives them sufficient protection for looting, theft and rugs under the protection of their elders in the image.

The more intense the conflict between Muhammad Ali al-Houthi and Ahmed Hamed over resources, public revenues, and influence, the more they intensified their propaganda and praise of the petty leader’s personality as a magical way to enhance their chances against each other. And you are guiding to a straight path.” This supervisor and leader is known as others within the dynasty, that the Houthi guides to evil, robbery and theft.

He did not raise this propaganda board except because it gave him immunity for further theft, plundering people’s money and robbing the country’s institutions and resources, and providing him with more protection.

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