The Islah Party in Taiz breaks its silence and issues a statement demanding legitimacy to bear its responsibility


Against the backdrop of the popular protests in Taiz Governorate from yesterday, Monday, the Yemeni Congregation for Reform called on the legitimate government to quickly assume its responsibility in treating the deterioration of the currency and improving the lives of citizens.

This came in a statement issued by the “Yemeni Congregation for Reform” branch in Taiz, the most populous governorate in Yemen, late on Monday evening.

The statement said: “In light of difficult living conditions, raging and ever-increasing prices, and a continuous deterioration in the value of the Yemeni riyal, masses of citizens in Taiz came out to express their protest against the outrageous high prices that the government did not pay any attention to.”

In its statement, the party called on the government to “provide services in areas liberated from the Houthis, improve the living conditions of citizens, and preserve the health of the national currency and protect it from collapse.”

He continued, “We clearly stand by the citizens’ demands, and we call on the government to expedite its responsibility and quickly take the necessary necessary treatments that would alleviate the suffering of the citizens and their difficult living situation.”

He stressed that serious measures begin with the return of the government to the homeland (it has been operating from Saudi Arabia for months), and its work from the temporary capital, Aden, or one of the liberated governorates, “to be close to the battle of liberation.”

The party’s statement came at a time when the protests against the collapse of the currency and poor services expanded, especially in Taiz Governorate, which witnessed, on Monday, widespread protests in its cities and countryside.

Three weeks ago, the areas liberated from the Houthi authority have witnessed an economic deterioration, against the background of the unprecedented decline of the local currency against foreigners, as the price of one dollar exceeded 1200 riyals.

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