The joint forces announce harvesting the heads of the Houthis… and reveal the points in which they are stationed and what happened in Hodeidah


The joint forces said that they were surprised by the Houthi militia’s attempt to breach the points specified in the Stockholm Agreement in Al Hudaydah Governorate (western Yemen).

According to the media center of the Giants Brigades, the heroes of the joint forces on the West Coast front were able to confront the Houthi coup militia’s attempt to penetrate the specified points, and they were on the lookout for it, and the heads of the militia members that tried to advance were harvested.

The joint forces vowed to display videos and photos of the bodies of dozens of Houthi militia members who tried to breach the Stockholm Agreement points and were killed.

The joint forces are stationed on the western coast at the points specified in the Stockholm Agreement with regard to Hodeidah Governorate, after implementing the decision to evacuate the areas governed by the international agreement.

The director of the media center for the Giants Brigades, Aseel Al-Saqladi, said in a statement: that the joint forces are steadfast and stationed in their locations according to the points identified by the Stockholm Agreement.

He added, that the heroes of the joint forces have their hands on the trigger and their high determination know nothing but victory and sacrifices, stressing that the joint forces have not retreated, will not retreat and will never be defeated, as they are forces that know only victories, and that what happened is a redeployment process according to the provisions of the Stockholm Agreement.

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