The joint forces approached the control of the second district in Hodeidah within hours (latest developments)


This morning, the joint forces took control of a number of mountains and strategic sites overlooking the Jabal Ras District in Al Hudaydah Governorate (western Yemen).

Field sources said that the joint forces managed, today, Sunday, to take control of strategic heights in the “Jabal Ras” district on the outskirts of Hodeidah.

The sources pointed out that the forces made new advances, and took control of the “Al-Magharib” and “Mehwar Al-Abed” mountains overlooking the “Jabal Ras” district, the second district after the control of the Hays district.

The sources indicated that the joint forces continued their advance north of Hais towards Al-Jarrahi, after securing the Al-Aden triangle.

The sources revealed the total control of the joint forces during the past hours, where large areas and strategic mountains were liberated, namely: Al-Magharib Mountain in the Jabal Ras district, Jabal Al-Abed axis overlooking the Jabal Ras district in Al-Hodeidah governorate, Al-Rawaina, Al-Suhaira, Al-Tur and many mountains in the Maqbna district of Taiz governorate. And the mountains of Ghazieh, Hbeitan, Qabr, Omar and Al-Dabbas Bab Al-Faj district of Hays.

This comes in light of the continuing battles south of Hodeidah and the administrative borders of Taiz Governorate, amid a significant retreat by the Houthi militia.

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