The Joint Forces Command announces new victories in two governorates… and the launch of a large military operation


A spokesman for the joint forces announced new victories in two governorates in western Yemen, following the launch of a large-scale military operation.

The spokesman for the forces stationed on the West Coast, Brigadier General Sadiq Dowid, said in a tweet on Twitter: “The joint forces launch a military operation and, thanks to God and the determination of honest men, are able to liberate the areas of “Al-Jabaleen, Jabal Ghazieh Al-Majjar, Saqm” and mountain ranges and strategic governing sites and tens of kilometers meters west of Taiz and south of Hodeidah from the clutches of the Houthi militia.”

The outbreak of battles in western Yemen, following the withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah, and their deployment outside the Stockholm Agreement areas, caused the Houthi militias to be confused and collapsed on a number of fighting fronts in Marib, Hodeidah and Taiz. Government forces and the Arab coalition made qualitative advances within days, with minimal losses.

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