The joint forces continue to advance on the western coast and impose a cordon of fire on the center of the third district, south of Hodeidah


Today, Sunday, field sources reported that the joint forces are continuing their advance in the southern Hodeidah governorate.

The sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that a number of joint forces brigades are imposing a cordon of fire on the Al-Jarrahi district, which is the third, after the districts of Hays and Jabal Ras, and there are only less than three kilometers left to reach the center of the district with the continuation of the battles in which they were used. Various heavy, medium and light weapons.

The sources indicated that the joint forces managed during the past few hours to liberate the Al-Baghil, Bani Karb and Al-Khajna areas towards the center of the Al-Jarrahi district with the mountain ranges surrounding these areas, and are still advancing.

The sources pointed out the implementation of a surprise attack against the Houthi militia, which is in a state of defeat and collapse due to its inability to arrange the ranks of its elements, in the face of the continuous advance of the joint forces backed by Arab coalition fighters.

The joint forces took control of strategic areas and mountains adjacent to a number of districts in the governorates of Taiz and Hodeidah, amid great collapses and heavy losses in the ranks of the Houthi militia.

The military media of the joint forces said that the military operation launched by the joint forces culminated in the liberation of large areas and strategic mountains: Jabal Al-Magharib in the Jabal Ras district, Jabal Al-Abed axis overlooking the Jabal Ras district in Al-Hodeidah governorate, and the Al-Rawaina, Al-Suhaira, Al-Tur and many mountains in the Maqbna district of the Taiz governorate. , and the mountains of Ghazieh, Hbeitan, Qabr, Omar and al-Dabbas Bab al-Faj district of Hays.

He pointed out that the joint forces had taken control of many areas and valleys, the most important of which was Wadi Nakhla, east of Hays District.

The Arab coalition in support of legitimacy in Yemen announced today, Sunday, that it had carried out 13 targeting of the Houthi militia on the western coast, destroying 7 vehicles and causing more than 40 casualties.

In a statement, the coalition affirmed its support for the operations of the joint Yemeni forces on the western coast outside the areas of the provisions of the “Stockholm Agreement”.

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