The joint forces knock on the gates of the city of Al-Barah in Taiz… and the Houthi militia takes revenge on them and starts fleeing


Media sources revealed great Houthi preparations to flee from one of the cities in Taiz Governorate, where the joint forces knocked on their doors hours ago.

The sources said that the Houthi militia began looting the equipment of the Al-Barah cement factory in Taiz governorate, coinciding with the approach of the joint forces to it.

The sources indicated that the militias moved the factory’s equipment outside Taiz governorate, in preparation for escaping from the city.

Yesterday, Saturday, the joint forces managed to tighten their control over the entrances to the city of Al-Barh, west of Taiz, in addition to a number of mountains adjacent to the city. They also took control of the Al-Araf mountains overlooking Hays and Al-Barh and advanced to the southern entrance to the city.

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