The joint forces liberate new sites after violent battles with the Houthis in Al-Dhalea and raise their readiness in Lahj


Today, Tuesday, the joint Yemeni forces managed to liberate new sites after fierce battles with the Houthi rebels in the north of Al-Dhalea governorate.

The media center of the Al-Dhalea axis stated that the joint southern forces took control of the “Habil Al-Abdi village”, “Al-Sharji junction”, “Taba Al-Ma’dan Al-Alia”, “Al-Abdi School” and “Ammar House” after violent confrontations, during which dozens of Houthi militiamen were killed.

He pointed out that violent clashes erupted in the Al-Fakher sectors, south of Qataba, and Bab Taghloq, south of the Oud area, in the north of the governorate.

He pointed out that the southern forces bombed Houthi sites with heavy and medium weapons.

Violent confrontations erupted today between the southern forces on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other, on the fronts north of the Al-Dhalea governorate, coinciding with the thwarting of the southern and joint forces, an infiltration attempt by the Houthi militia towards the Karsh front, north of Lahj governorate.

Military sources said that units of the Fifth Brigade Support and Support Forces repelled the Houthi attack during its infiltration towards Wadi Sudan and the strategic Jabal Lahmar hill and forced them to retreat and flee after the killing and wounding of a number of its members.

The sources stated that the “Hamala” front in Karsh witnessed violent confrontations, in which various types of weapons were used, on Tuesday.

The sources added that the southern and joint forces in Karsh have raised their combat readiness, in conjunction with the movements and reinforcements of the Houthi militia, which were seen coming from the direction of the Al-Rahda area during the past two days.

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