The joint forces stop their military operations against the Houthis


Military and field sources said that the joint forces (forces affiliated with the legitimate government) have halted their military operations against the Houthi coup militia in the Al-Jarrahi district, south of the coastal governorate of Hodeidah.

According to the sources, the joint forces stopped their military operations in the Al-Jarrahi district, in order to penetrate into several areas towards the city of “Al-Barh”, the center of the “Maqbna” district in the western countryside of Taiz governorate.

Earlier, military and field sources confirmed that the joint forces had taken control of the strategic villages of “Al-Haniyah”, “Al-Hikma”, “Al-Akda”, “Al-Ras”, “Al-Khalifa”, “Al-Manara”, “Al-Barah” and the strategic “Dar Al-Kafeer Castle”.

The joint forces had managed to control areas in the isolation of Al-Barsha in the Al-Maqbanah district, and to purify important mountain ranges and ruling sites, after they fought violent battles with the Houthi militia, in which heavy and medium weapons were used.

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