The joint forces surprised large Houthi reinforcements in Hodeidah and forced them to return to their hideouts


Today, Thursday, violent military battles erupted, during which the joint forces thwarted the movements and reinforcements of the Houthi militia and inflicted human and material losses south of Hodeidah (western Yemen).
A military source in the joint forces stated that the reconnaissance units monitored movements and attempts to create fortifications for the Iranian-backed militias on the Durayhimi front, and they were quickly put down.
The source confirmed the killing and wounding of a number of militia members, and the destruction of a 12:7 caliber machine gun with a Pica ratio in two newly developed locations, and forcing the rest of the elements to flee.
In the Beit al-Faqih district, the joint forces achieved direct hits with the appropriate weapons in militia reinforcements coming from al-Hussainiya farms to their dens stationed east of al-Jah area, according to the same source. He stressed that the militia reinforcements were forced to return to where they came from, after burning a vehicle and killing and wounding a number of them.
The source pointed out that the units stationed to secure the lives of citizens in the strategic Al-Jah area, known for its dense palm plantations, have consolidated their full control over the lines of contact.

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