The joint resistance enters the villages of Shamir in the cemetery of Taiz..the Houthi militia is expelled and two districts are secured


The joint forces managed to recover a number of villages in the Shamir area, which is affiliated to the Maqbna District in Taiz Governorate.

Multiple media and field sources said, this morning, Monday, that the joint forces managed to recapture the Al-Barasha and Al-Majasha mountains, in the Shamir area of ​​the Maqbna District of Taiz Governorate, after lightning battles with the Houthi militia.

The sources indicated that the liberated areas directly overlook the Hays district in the Hodeidah governorate, and by liberating them, the joint forces were able to secure the Hays district from the southern side, the Khokha district from the east, and the Suq al-Juma and al-Najiba areas.

This comes in light of the continuation of the battles for the fourth consecutive day, on a number of western fronts in Yemen, while the militias are witnessing widespread confusion, following the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah Governorate, and the movement of fronts that the coalition said were outside the framework of the Stockholm Agreement.

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