The kidnapping of Sheikh “Al-Attas” in Tarim and “Al-Jafri” holds President Hadi and his deputy Al-Ahmar responsible


Unidentified persons kidnapped Sheikh and preacher Taher bin Hussein Al-Attas at dawn today, Tuesday, in front of his house in Tarim city, Hadramout.

And the preacher Ali Zain Al-Abidin Al-Jafri confirmed, during a series of tweets on Twitter, monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that the preacher Al-Attas was kidnapped in front of his house in Tarim at dawn today by unknown persons, blaming the First Military District, the President of the Republic, the deputy of Al-Ahmar and the Governor of Hadramout Salama, the preacher Taher bin Hussein Al-Attas.

Al-Jafri said that preacher Al-Attas holds a doctorate in the field of family reform, which is far from politics.

It is worth noting that the city of Sayun in Hadramout witnessed yesterday, Monday, a terrorist explosion that shook the city, near Sayun Hospital, targeting three officers belonging to the Ministry of Interior.

A military source explained that unknown persons planted an explosive device in the car of Major Marwan Saleh Sael, who works as a commander of a security battalion in the Ministry of Interior in Seiyun.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior said, “We mourn with great sadness and sorrow the three righteous martyrs who were martyred at the hands of terrorist treachery, after an explosive device was planted in their vehicle, and the area is being combed to search for the perpetrators of the sharp attack.”

She stressed that the cowardly terrorist operation that targeted the officers would not discourage the ministry from carrying out its role in maintaining the security and stability of the country and controlling terrorist and subversive elements.

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