The killing of a prominent leader of the Houthi militia along with a number of his companions (name)


A prominent leader of the Houthi coup militia was killed by the fire of the National Army and the popular resistance, in the ongoing battles in Ma’rib Governorate (eastern Yemen).

Field and media sources said that the Houthi leader, Haitham Ahmed al-Qahoum, was killed along with a number of his companions on the Ma’rib fronts, shot by the army and the popular resistance.

Earlier, the National Army forces had announced that the Houthi militia had received a painful blow on the Kassara front, after the army had put down an offensive operation by the militia members.

The Media Center of the Armed Forces confirmed, “The majority of Houthi elements fell among the dead, wounded and captured, while the rest of them fled under the strikes of the heroes,” and that many bodies of Houthi elements are still scattered in the lines of contact.

The battles between the National Army forces, backed by the popular resistance, and the Houthi coup militia, have been ongoing on various combat fronts in the Marib Governorate, for several weeks.

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