The kiss of longing and the kiss of childhood..


To here where I leaned on the mountains, slept in the mist, and covered in the dew.

The trickling of water was next to our house like music playing in harmony and the birds laughing..and my mother – may God have mercy on her – perfumed my soul every morning with a sincere invitation.. and drew on the wall of feet the threads of masculinity.. and presented me with a story about my father (may God have mercy on him), who lived generous and died great before he died. I enjoy my childhood under his shadow..

From here the letters of love were engraved on my chest; I grew up loving others, believing in their right to life, denying every perverted thought that contradicts this beautiful beauty…

Here (my mother) nursed me the cup of freedom, and I lived as a king with my head held high; However, the waves of life took me to the bustling life and the charming city of Sana’a.

Of course, the beloved Sana’a did not last long, and when she took care of me and took care of her and love settled on its market, the Houthi pandemic spoiled all of our lives, so we had to declare our alignment with our dignity and pride.

A period of life and we will certainly return to the hotbed of childhood and the place of beautiful memories..

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