The largest Yemeni university begins implementing the directives of “Abdul-Malik al-Houthi” regarding “qat”


Today, Monday, the Sanaa University Council approved implementing the directives of the leader of the Houthi rebels, banning the consumption of khat inside the university campus for all university employees, including academics, administrators and students, and taking the necessary measures against violators of this decision.

In its extraordinary meeting, the Council directed to assign postgraduate students to choose research titles that serve development, meet the needs of the labor market, address social, economic and psychological issues, and explain the effects and harms of khat on the family, the individual, and society.

He emphasized directing colleges to include topics within the academic curricula to raise awareness of the harms of khat and assigning the Development Center to communicate with them to submit the necessary proposals in this regard.

The meeting came out with a proposal to prepare and prepare for holding three scientific conferences on the dangers of khat: a medical-pharmaceutical conference, an agricultural and economic environmental conference, and a psychological, social and legal conference, and to prepare for them during the remainder of the current year 2021.

The meeting recommended the University Council to prepare for the inauguration of the sports season for the academic year 2021-2022, in a way that contributes to revitalizing the sports and cultural aspects and maintaining health and fitness for students, staff and academics.

This comes in the context of implementing Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi’s directive to exercise and abstain from khat during the day, and to use khat at night, which began implementing the directive in all government institutions in Sana’a, and obligating employees to exercise.

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