The last word on ‘Slavery’


If the words can say about slavery those fortresses located between the heights of the mountains and inhabited by men who are harder than the mountains, what can the pens write about that small spot in the geography of Yemen that made its decision early that it will only be a Yemeni republic or not be.
One day, the devotees begged Abd al-Rabbi al-Shaddadi to return to your office and camp. Enough of the time you spent in the barricades, and you are the leader with broader tasks.. I will not return except as a victor or a martyr.
It is not easy to say goodbye to your children one by one, and they reach the age of four, and then you follow them after you are fixed in your armor, and the gun does not escape until after the spirit precedes it. This is what Nasser Al-Saidi Ibn Al-Abdiyyah did.
There are countless examples of heroism, courage, bravery, honesty and loyalty there in slavery.
More than twenty days since the thieves imposed the siege on the mine of loyal and honest men who made the difficult decision not to enter their town Houthi and there is a man in it..
In the mid-nineties, we witnessed a painful wound that shook the conscience of every neighborhood when the Bosnian town of Srebenestia was attacked after the international mission disarmed its residents and then left the Yugoslav Serbs to commit the most heinous massacres. Occupied, and it is repeated today with slavery, a siege of food and wounded people who cannot find anyone to help them, shelling and non-stop battles, disgraceful silence and unjustifiable betrayal..
Al-Houthi understands the secret of slavery and knows very well the metal of its men, so he prepared for the battle and mobilized for it.
The project opposite to the Iranian project at all levels is exaggerating its power factors, unlike what Iran is doing, a painful reality.
Our people in Al-Abdiyyah, there is no trick like us except to reveal our pain towards your affliction with words we write that we realize that they do not excuse us in front of you..
Your siege and bombardment hurts every free person, but it is a siege of those who bear the responsibility of this country and then stand helpless to victory.. a free and brave barricade is better than sleeping on humiliating mattresses in the finest cities and hotels..
May God help you, relieve your distress, raise your destiny, and humiliate your enemy.

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