The latest developments in the battles in Marib and Shabwa .. This is what happens in Harib Marib after a violent attack (video)


Field sources revealed the latest military developments on the fronts in the governorates of Marib and Shabwa, in light of the continuation of battles for the sixth consecutive day, following the fall of a number of important areas in the hands of the Houthis.

A number of Marib and Shabwa fronts witnessed a cautious calm during the past hours, this Sunday morning, followed by intermittent skirmishes on the Safra front, south of Usaylan in Shabwa.

On the Mala’a front, north of the city of Harib in the Marib Governorate, it also witnessed a cautious calm, with some light skirmishes from time to time.

In turn, the fighters of the Arab coalition targeted a Houthi vehicle under the obstacle of Mala’a, from the direction of Al-Juba, which led to its burning and violent explosions that followed the operation for minutes.

Earlier, the forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance had broken a Houthi attack on the Al-Qaeda front, west of Marib, this morning.

The scenes from the Mala’a front, Harib district, also documented the moments of clashes, after a Houthi attack, which was described as the most violent, in an attempt to recover it from the army forces that liberated it recently.

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