The latest developments in the battles in the district of “Al-Juba” in Marib


The forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance managed to repel simultaneous attacks by the Houthi militia on a number of fronts in the Juba District, adjacent to the city of Marib.

Today, Thursday, field sources said that the army and resistance forces had broken a number of Houthi attacks in the southern district of Al-Juba, after expelling them from positions they had controlled during the past two days.

The sources indicated that the Houthi militia resumed the attack on those sites, but it lost many of its elements, either dead or wounded, without achieving any progress.

The sources confirmed that a number of Houthi militia members were killed as a result of the failed attacks, in light of the continuing battles on the borders of the district.

The Houthi militia attacks come two days after its members infiltrated the Wasit village, on the outskirts of the Juba District, before the army launched a military operation to restore it.

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