The launch of the first born Yemeni media specialist in childhood issues


Yemeni journalists launched the first electronic media platform specialized in childhood issues in Yemen, called “Saba”, in conjunction with International Children’s Day.

A statement issued by the editorial board of “Saba”, which was reviewed by “The Yemeni Scene”, stated that in conjunction with the International Children’s Day, which falls on November 20, the platform’s website ( and its pages on the communication platforms were launched. Social Media, as the first specialized media platform for childhood in Yemen.

He pointed out that the idea of ​​establishing the specialized platform came as an urgent journalistic necessity, after the representative voice of childhood was absent in a country considered the worst place in the world for children.

He pointed out that children are the most affected and exposed to violations since the start of the conflict in Yemen in early 2015, and the platform aims to shed light on issues related to these violations, by publishing news and in-depth press materials, both written and visual.

He indicated that “Saba” is keen to provide professional and honest content that conveys a realistic picture of the reality of childhood in Yemen away from politicization, employment and exaggeration, to be a true voice and mirror of childhood.

“Saba” is the first electronic media platform specialized in childhood issues in Yemen in light of the current war conditions that the country is going through.

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