The Lebanese Army issues a statement on the events in Beirut


The Lebanese army announced the killing of a number of people as a result of violence in Beirut today, Thursday, noting that its forces had arrested 9 individuals due to the unrest, including a Syrian citizen.

The army said in a statement: “While a number of protesters headed to the Adliya area for a sit-in, there was a dispute and an exchange of fire took place in the Tayouneh-Badaro area, which led to the killing of a number of citizens and wounding others.”

He continued, “Immediately, the army reinforced its deployment in the area, conducting foot and vehicle patrols, and raided a number of places in search of the shooters, and arrested nine people from both sides, including a Syrian. Investigations were launched with the detainees under the supervision of the competent judiciary.”

And he added: “The army command has made contacts with the concerned parties on both sides to contain the situation and prevent a slide towards sedition, and the leadership reiterates its zero tolerance with any armed, while the army units continue to deploy in the area to prevent a renewal.”

At least 6 people were killed during armed unrest in the Tayouneh area of ​​the capital, which the authorities described as an attack on demonstrators who were heading to participate in a protest called by “Hezbollah” and the “Amal” movement to demand the dismissal of the investigating judge in the Beirut port explosion.

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