The Lebanese army issues the military statement (No. 1) after violent clashes in Beirut


The number of victims of armed clashes in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, has risen to more than 65 people.

And the media said that at least 6 people were killed and 60 wounded, as a result of the protests and armed clashes in the Tayouba area in Al-Asma, Beirut, while the Lebanese Ministry of Health called on all government and private hospitals to receive the wounded and treat them at their expense.

Earlier, today, Thursday, the Lebanese army cordoned off the Tayouneh area and announced its forces were deployed in its neighborhoods to search for and arrest the shooters.

In a statement, the army called on civilians to completely evacuate the streets, indicating that it would shoot any armed man on the roads.

The Lebanese army statement said: “While protesters headed to the Adliya area, they were exposed to bursts of fire in the Tayouneh area – Badaro.

The statement added, “The deployed army units will shoot at any gunman on the roads and at anyone who shoots from anywhere else and ask civilians to evacuate the streets.”

In the morning hours, a violent explosion was heard in Beirut, coinciding with heavy gunfire in the Tayouneh area in the vicinity of the Lebanese Palace of Justice, during a demonstration by the Amal Movement and the Lebanese Hezbollah in protest of the Beirut port explosion investigator.

Lebanese media monitored the moment a Hezbollah member fired a B7 shell in the demonstrations area, and the Lebanese Ministry of Interior called the security leaders for an emergency meeting.

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