The liquidation of sixty Yemeni officers .. Revealing a new reason for the setback of the uprising of former President “Saleh” against the Houthis


The liquidation of sixty senior Yemeni army officers in Sana’a paved the way for a setback in the uprising of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh against the Houthi rebels, in early December of 2017.

“The setback of the December 2 uprising was one of the results of the bombing of the Great Hall, in which not a single Houthi was killed or wounded,” said the pro-legal parliamentarian Abdul Rahman Mazab.

And he added: Yes, they did not lose anything in it, but they were the only and first beneficiary, I decided that crime

Local and international public opinion against the coalition (Arab supportive of legitimacy in Yemen), and eliminated a large number of senior Yemeni army officers.

He continued, “This operation was like breaking the back of the army and security in favor of the group, and some of those senior leaders were coordinating with the legitimate forces, and they were waiting for the zero hour.”

He pointed out that “more than sixty senior officers of the armed and security forces were killed during the bombing of the Great Hall, and they were a stumbling block for the Houthis in controlling many of the army and security joints, and after that Houthi leaders were appointed in their place.”

He called for searching for gas and the secrets of the bombing of the Great Hall, and many mysteries, secrets and mysterious facts will become clear.

This comes five years after the bombing of the Great Hall, which was widely condemned, and four years after former President Saleh called for a revolution against the Houthi rebels, and the start of a new page with the countries of the Arab coalition.

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