The local authority in Aden calls the name “Al-Murshidi” on Remy Street and Corniche in Aden


Today, Thursday, the local authority in the Mansoura district in the temporary capital, Aden, named the great Yemeni artist, Muhammad Murshid Naji, on the “Corniche Al-Mamelah” street in Remy, in the Mansoura district, in the “Corniche Al-Murshidi Street”.

Today, Thursday, the governor of Aden, Ahmed bin Lamlas, decided to implement a previous decision issued in 2013 to name the street in the name of Al-Murshidi, in addition to installing the paintings for the street and the Al-Murshidi Cultural Center in his house, which the late artist built in his home in the Rimi neighborhood of Mansoura, Aden, with self-possession years before his death.

The launch of Al-Murshidi’s name on Remy Corniche Street comes in honor of the late fighter’s dedication over six decades of a rich and rich political, patriotic and lyrical experience full of creative giving in the cultural, artistic and historical field throughout his full of giving and creativity.

The dean of Yemeni singing and the artistic, cultural and literary movement in Yemen, the great artist Muhammad Murshid Naji, passed away on February 7, 2013 in Aden, at the age of 84, full of creative giving for more than six decades, singing, composing, researching, studying and history in the Yemeni song, in which one of the Its most important voices and historians.

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