“The Messenger of God” is a red line..The leader of the Houthis issues three new and dangerous escalatory directives


Today, Thursday, rebel leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi issued three new and dangerous escalatory directives.
In a sermon he delivered on the pretext of the Prophet’s birthday, followed by the “Yemeni scene”, he called for “continuous interest in supporting the fronts,” claiming that “the path of the Messenger of God is a path of jihad.” In an escalatory behavior in line with international, American and regional moves to end the war in Yemen and establish peace.
He said that “the Messenger of God is a red line” for the Yemenis, and it is “natural that the Wahhabi Takfiri movement would move to discourage this occasion”; As he put it, referring to the Houthi militia’s celebration of the Prophet’s birthday.
He directed the prohibition of any compulsory financial levy to commemorate the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, and if anyone was subjected to pressure to cooperate in commemorating the birth, he could report to the concerned authorities designated for complaints; In acknowledgment of the tampering of his militia with the rights of citizens by imposing compulsory levies on citizens in exchange for obtaining domestic gas, as well as merchants and shop owners.

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