The military scene in Marib has changed and a new strategy to fight after the arrival of huge reinforcements for the army


A Yemeni military analyst expected a change in the military landscape in Marib, following the arrival of new reinforcements to support the national army and the popular resistance.

Military analyst Yahya Abu Hatem said, in statements to Al Arabiya TV, that the military scene in Marib has changed dramatically, as a result of moving the western coast fronts, supporting the National Army with new units, in addition to the comprehensive air strikes of Arab coalition fighters.

He pointed out that all these factors will lead in the coming days to a change in the fighting strategy in Marib, and its transition from defense to attack.

In recent days, the military situation has witnessed a clear change in the air raids of the coalition fighters, and the start of attacking Houthi targets in Sanaa, after years of limited strikes to the fronts.

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