The Minister of Transport calls for international pressure on the Houthis over the Safer Floating Tank


Today, Wednesday, the Minister of Transport, Abdul Salam Hamid, discussed with a United Nations team the situation of the floating tanker Safer and the catastrophic repercussions on the marine environment.

The meeting reviewed ways of joint cooperation between Yemen and the United Nations, in order to reach a joint plan on the file of the tanker Safer, and to build Yemeni capacities to deal with this issue in the event of an environmental disaster.

The Minister of Transport called on the United Nations to exert more pressure on the Houthis to make the floating tanker Safer neutral and away from the existing political conflict, because the resulting danger would not only affect Yemen, but would also extend to all countries in the region and international navigation. According to the Yemeni news agency Saba

He also stressed the necessity and importance of intensifying efforts to locate and solve the problem and expedite the development of solutions to address the situation of the Safir floating tank.

Minister Abdel Salam explained that the nature of the situation today no longer requires maintenance as much as the urgent need to empty the tank permanently, and then start addressing the effects of the problem. Pointing out the ministry’s readiness to provide all the facilities required for the work team specialized in dealing with the problem of the Safer Basin, in a way that contributes to containing the problem and its consequences.

For her part, Counselor Samia Al-Duaij confirmed the keenness and interest of the United Nations to quickly solve the problem of the floating dock. She also indicated that the specialized work team had held several meetings and meetings and came out with an agreement on the speedy unloading of the Safer Dock shipment through the implementing company.

She pointed to the direction of the International Maritime Organization to implement an urgent contingency plan for the issue of the oil spill from the tanker.

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