The Ministry of Interior mourns the martyrdom of 3 officers in the legitimacy… Names


The Ministry of Interior in the legitimate government mourned the martyrdom of 3 officers of its affiliates, after the Iranian-backed terrorist coup militia bombed on Saturday Midi in Hajjah Governorate with ballistic missiles, coinciding with the city’s celebrations marking the September 26 revolution.

The ministry clarified that both (Colonel Abdullah Muhammad Tarmoom, chief of Hajjah police operations, Colonel Ali Ali Abu Qahm, director of the Midi district police – Lieutenant Yahya Issa Abu Qahm, who), were martyred as a result of the terrorist missile targeting carried out by the Houthi group in the city of Midi.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed in a statement of the obituary: “The terrorist and cowardly act carried out by the militias by targeting defenseless civilians in populated areas is part of a series of crimes they are committing against the Yemeni people in light of the dubious regional and international silence for their repeated targeting of cities and densely populated residential neighborhoods and the scourge of displaced persons. The war that has been raging since its coup against the legitimate authority and state institutions.

She praised the heroic roles played by the martyrs in the face of the Houthi coup militia on the various fighting fronts, which testify to them with their prayers and tours, in which they presented the most wonderful and immortal heroic epics in defense of the homeland, which history will engrave in letters of light and cherish the people of Yemen, pointing out that the Ministry of Interior has lost heroes known. During their career, they showed courage, military savvy, sense of national responsibility, discipline, determination, gentleness of morals and good conduct.

The leadership of the Ministry of Interior and all its affiliates offered their sincere condolences and sincere sympathy to the families of the martyrs and their families, praying to the Almighty to bestow mercy and forgiveness on them, and to dwell in their vast gardens with those whom God has bestowed upon them from the prophets, the truthful ones, the martyrs, the righteous and the good of those are companions, and to inspire their families and relatives patience and solace.

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