The Ministry of the Interior mourns the martyrdom of a security commander in the Marib Governorate police


Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of the Interior of the recognized Yemeni government mourned the martyrdom of the Director of the Planning Department of the Marib Governorate Police, Lt. Col. Faisal Humaid, as he performed his patriotic and heroic duty during his participation alongside his colleagues, heroes of the armed forces and men of the popular resistance in the national battle against the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia on the fronts. southern province.

The ministry said in a statement of the obituary, “The martyr was one of the first free heroes who rose early to the fields of honor and dignity to participate in the battle to liberate the homeland and restore the state and constitutional institutions, and who stood at the forefront of the ranks and participated with courage and steadfastness to defend the constants and national gains and confront the priestly coup militia.”

The statement expressed pride and pride in the heroism and sacrifices offered by the members of the security services in the governorate alongside their colleagues, the heroes of the armed forces and the men of popular resistance in the sacred national battle against the coup militia dreaming of returning in Yemen to the past and the eras of backwardness, ignorance and darkness.

The statement added, “The martyr, Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Humaid, was one of the most eminent, loyal and loyal statemen known for their efficiency, integrity and fragrant biography, and an example of leadership, soldiering and discipline in performing his security and national duties, as he had contributions and fingerprints in establishing security and stability alongside his colleagues in the security units in Ma’rib. “.

The heroes of the army and tribes are winning qualitative championships on the fronts of the governorate, in the face of the advance of the Houthi rebels.

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