The Ministry of the Interior reveals the details of the Seiyun explosion


The Ministry of Interior revealed the killing of three of its officers, this evening, as a result of an act it described as terrorist, resulting from planting and detonating an explosive device in their vehicle, in Seiyun district in Hadramout Valley.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior said, “We mourn with great sadness and sorrow the three righteous martyrs who were martyred at the hands of terrorist treachery, after an explosive device was planted in their vehicle, and the area is being combed to search for the perpetrators of the sharp attack.”

She stressed that the cowardly terrorist operation that targeted the officers would not discourage the ministry from carrying out its role in maintaining the security and stability of the country and controlling terrorist and subversive elements.

The Ministry of Interior called on all citizens to play the complementary role of the security services in reporting any terrorist movements or elements to deter them and stop their evil in taking innocent lives.

The Ministry offered its sincere condolences to the families of the victims, praying to God Almighty to bestow mercy and forgiveness on them, dwell them in His paradise, and inspire their families patience and solace.

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