The most common disease among men.. Everything you need to know about prostatitis


A man diagnosed with prostatitis usually causes despair, which leads him to lead a new lifestyle that differs from his usual lifestyle. But is this really a serious ruling, and why does it affect some men and not others?

And according to what was reported by the “Russia Today” website, the Russian doctor, Alexander Myasnikov, explains how prostatitis can be prevented, and how the disease is treated.

Myasnikov points out in a television interview, that prostatitis is of two types – chronic and acute. The second type is less prevalent (4 percent of men), and unlike chronic prostatitis, it is an infectious disease accompanied by high body temperature and severe pain between the thighs.

For chronic inflammation, it is often without symptoms except for the problem of erectile dysfunction. But according to him, you should pay attention to other symptoms such as frequent nightly going to the toilet, pain when urinating, difficulty urinating, and a high percentage of bacteria in the urine. “If these symptoms remain for more than three months, it means that the man has chronic prostatitis,” he says.

The doctor notes that antibiotics are only effective in treating infectious prostatitis.

According to him, the correct treatment includes not only the removal of symptoms, but also the removal of the causative agents of the disease. Treatment, both acute and chronic, must begin with a thorough examination of the body. Because this inflammation may cause nervous disorders.

He adds, if symptoms of the disease persist after the end of the course of taking antibiotics, a doctor should be consulted, as the cause may be chronic pelvic syndrome, which is muscle pain in the pelvic area associated with changes in the central nervous system. Which can be treated with some antidepressants.

The doctor notes that prostate cancer is the most common disease among men, the cause of 10 percent of deaths among them, and one of the main causes of death for the elderly among them.

He adds, prostatitis never develops into prostate cancer.

He says, “Prostate cancer is characterized by genetic predisposition, age, excessive consumption of red meat and milk, and smoking. Therefore, prostate cancer can be prevented by following a diet rich in dietary fibres. The risk of developing it also decreases with regular ejaculation in youth.”

He adds, to avoid prostatitis, you should not be idle, follow a healthy lifestyle, do minimal physical activity and follow a healthy diet. These procedures reduce the risk of developing prostatitis, and at the same time help improve the general health of the body.

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