The most famous bloc to displace the largest Hadrami component … the transitional begins large movements in Wadi Hadramout


The Southern Transitional Council began large-scale movements in the Hadhramaut Valley to find a foothold in the largest Yemeni governorates that are rich in natural resources.

The Transitional Council inaugurated the so-called: the Southern Hadhramaut Alliance and Conference, a new bloc inaugurated in the city of Seiyun, deep in the stronghold of Ali Mohsen and Al-Islah in the Hadhramaut valley and desert. Despite the withdrawal of a number of sheikhs and the arrival of Hadramawt Valley from the meeting held under the auspices of “President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi” – according to a description Transitional media, but the meeting continued its work and came out with a statement demanding the speedy exit of the forces of the first military region.

The meeting came with movements on the ground led by sheikhs and leaders in the Hadhramaut Valley, led by Hassan Al-Jabri, whose gunmen are imposing a siege on the oil fields in Al-Masila, and aim for a military escalation and with the support of the STC, whose forces have been massing for weeks in Aqabat Ajar on the outskirts of Wadi Amad. Between Wadi Hadramawt and Shabwa to raise combat readiness for any emergency in Hadramawt

The statement called for handing over all oil and gas fields to the Hadrami elite, waving escalatory options.

Observers believe that the Alliance and the Southern Hadhramout Conference is an attempt by the STC, which failed to find a foothold in the Hadhramout Valley to dislodge the components of the Hadhramout All-Inclusive Conference and the Hadhramout Tribes Alliance, who rejected the STC’s efforts to spread its factions in the oil fields, the “Hadrami elite,” and even rose against it to demand the expulsion of a brigade. Barshid al-Askari, who is led by a close associate of al-Zubaidi, serves as a knife in the side of Hadramawt.

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