The most prominent of what Yasser Al-Awadi said about the battles of Marib before his death…and revealing his true position on them!!


Today, Monday morning, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Congress Party, Sheikh Yasser Al-Awadi, died of a heart attack.

Media sources quoted close to the Al-Awadi family as saying that he died today, after suffering a heart attack, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Al-Awadi deliberately did not talk about public affairs in recent months, and his statements were limited to condolences through his only account on Twitter.

Al-Awadi’s position has been the focus of Yemenis interested in the general situation, since his mysterious exit from Sanaa in December 2017, following a short uprising during which he announced the dissolution of his alliance with the Houthi militia, and ended with his death, and the departure of a number of his men, including his brother’s son, Brigadier Tariq Saleh, and Yasser Al-Awadi. , while others were killed next to him, most notably Aref Al-Zoka, Secretary-General of the Congress Party.

In June 2020, Al-Awadi called for tribal disaffection, after the killing of a woman in Al-Bayda, at the hands of the Houthi militia.

In more than one situation, Al-Awadi called for the support of Marib, and that it is the last bastion of the Yemenis, warning of its fall into the grip of the Houthi militias. He called for the support of Al-Abdiyyah, which fell under the Houthi siege, before it fell under the control of the militias. He also praised the position of the political parties and forces in Marib.

The most prominent of what Al-Awadi wrote on his Twitter account was a tweet pinned to his wall, in which he said: “God will defeat Houthi desecration of Marib. And curse be upon anyone who accepts the Houthis in Ma’rib or elsewhere, or colludes in any way. Marib today is what is left for the Arabs in the north of Yemen, and it is the neck of Yemen, and, God willing, the Persian Houthis will not achieve their goal, and every honorable and free man must stand with Marib, for it is the last preserved show and the high honor of the Arabs of Yemen.”

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